Hello 2nd Story Family


We hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain times. We know many of you are waiting on an update as to what we are going to do moving forward during this outbreak. At the suggestion of the CDC and local government we are going to remain closed until further notice. 2nd Story is a social club, and all social activities and gatherings are being strongly discouraged. As the number of positive COVID-19 cases rise in North Dakota, many are from community spread, meaning people contracted the illness in their community. We care about our members, donors and volunteers and we want to do our part to keep all of you safe and healthy. We know this isn’t the news many of you want to hear, but it is what is best for everyone’s health. We urge you to please stay home if you can, and limit your exposure to people. If we do this, then we can get this outbreak under control and things will return to normal in no time. If you have any questions please feel free to message our Facebook, or send an email to secondstory@srt.com. 

We miss all of you very much!