2nd Story Wish List

These are a few of the items that 2nd Story is always in need of.
We appreciate your interest in donating to our club!

  • Monetary Donations                                                                          

  • Styrofoam or paper plates (large & small size)                        

  • Plastic forks

  • Toilet Paper and Napkins

  • Kleenex's and Paper Towels

  • Cookies / Bars / Powdered Coffee Creamer 

  • CD's / DVD’S

  • Grooming / Cosmetic supplies

  • Scotch Tape

  • Envelopes (large & small)

  • Gift Bags (medium size)

  • Large Baskets or Containers for Silent Auction Baskets

  • Garbage bags (13 gal. & up)

  • Batteries (9 volt, AA, AAA, C)


  • Soda (Diet & Regular), Chips, Healthy Snacks, Frozen Pizza's, Soup, Hamburger Helper, Pasta.


  • Examples:  Novelty Items, Candy, Jewelry, Gadgets, Home Décor, Coloring Books, Tools, Hygiene Items, Small Appliances 

  • *There are many nice, inexpensive items at the dollar stores in town that make good bingo prizes and birthday gifts.

  • *We discourage donations of clothing or heavily used items, as it is getting difficult to find the storage space, time and manpower to sort through them. (Please call first)